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Tune-Up Services

Power Steering Flush

Keeps the seals in the pump and steering gear lubricated, ensures maximum life from you power steering system

Brake Fluid Flush

Every had your brake pedal get soft?  When brake fluid gets contaminated, the seals in the master cylinder and calipers wear out and cause extreme and costly brake repair

Transmission Fluid Flush

Your transmission is you second most expensive part on your automobile!  When transmission fluid wears down it causes the clutches to start to rub against each other and then the transmission overheats.  Fresh Fluid keeps this from happening

Cooling system Flush

A fresh clean cooling system keeps you car running at maximum efficiency and performance.  Overtime your antifreeze wears down and allows electrolysis to build, which eats out radiators, water pumps, heater cores.

Rear Differential Service

Pull a boat, camper, trailer? Your Rear end Fluid is the most common over looked fluid on the Automobile, normally it’s not though about until a problem occurs.  Be Proactive!  Especially if towing something more than 5 times a year!

4WD Drive Line Service

This includes flushing the transfer case, front diff and rear diff.  I can assure you, you don’t want to replace one of these guys due to lack of fluid exchanges!

Royal Flush Special!

Would include: Power Steering Fluid, Brake fluid, Transmission, Coolant and rear diff fluid

Royal Filter Service

Replace Air filter, Cabin Air filter, Fuel Filter, and Clean mass air flow sensor.   Have you ever tried to walk around all day breathing through a Coffee Straw?  This is what your automobile is doing when a filter is dirty!  Get the most of every dollar you spend on fuel!

Fuel Saver Package!

Air filter, Fuel Filter, PCV Valve, Clean Mass air flow sensor, Perform Fuel injection Cleaning and Induction service!  Keep the Check engine light off!    Make sure your vehicle is at optimum performance and fuel efficiency!

Tune-up! 4 cyl | Tune-up! 6 cyl | Tune-up! 8 cyl

On today’s cars there is really no “tuning “ to be done.  How ever when most people refer to a tune-up it is for spark plug replacement!  Also most manufacturer have done away with spark plug wires!  What we do when we say tune up is replace plugs, look at what the manufacturer recommends to inspect at the current vehicle mileage

Timing Belt

The timing belt is an extremely important part of the engine.  If it breaks more than likely major engine damage can occur!  Ask the Adviser for details on when your Timing belt is due and if your automobile has one.