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Uneven Tire Wear in Center Treads

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Have you recently noticed uneven tire wear in the middle tread of your tires? If so, and the outside tread still have depth to them, over-inflation is most likely the cause.The leading cause of this uneven wear in the middle of the tire tread is generally over-inflation.The tread in the middle of the tire will bulge from the higher air pressure when a tire is over-inflated. This causes that middle tread to wear before the outside.

      How to avoid center wear from over-inflation:

      • Consult your vehicle manufacturer’s information to find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.

      • The “max press” number on the sidewall of your tire is not recommended for everyday driving but instead indicates the most pressure that a tire can hold and carry the maximum load of your vehicle.

      • Different types of vehicles have different optimum pressures. For example a sports car would have higher tire pressure than a luxury car.
      Risks of driving with over-inflated tires:

      • Rapid, uneven tire wear

      • Reduced traction and braking

      • Sudden Blowout

      What to do if you have uneven center wear now:

      • Deflate them to the manufacturer recommended pressure.

      • If you want to have your tires checked out for uneven center wear or you’re having trouble finding your vehicles recommended tire pressure, visit Professional Automotive Services today.