BrakesIf you were to try to pinpoint the most important safety feature in your car, what would you choose? Some might say the airbags, or the build of the car itself, but the most important safety feature is one you use every day – the brakes. Making sure your car’s braking system is in top working order at all times is paramount to the safety of your car, and the safety of everyone else on the roads of Greenwood, SC. So whether you are a responsible driver and you are looking for preventative brake service or you’ve let it go and now your car needs brake repair, the experienced team of technicians at Professional Automotive in Greenwood, SC, have got your back.

Brake Service Greenwood SC

At Professional Automotive, we know our customers want to keep their cars in the best shape they can. That is why we recommend having a regular brake service every 5,000-7,000 miles, or about every other oil change. We recommend this so we can check for wear and the need for possible replacement of your brake pads or shoes. These pieces bear the brunt of the force when you brake and do wear out over time. Driving with worn brake pads or shoes places additional stress on the brake rotor, and over time this can lead to the need for costly repairs. So when you bring your vehicle to Professional Automotive in Greenwood, SC, for an oil change, have us check your braking system out too!

Brake Repair Greenwood SC

If you’ve neglected regular brake service, you may begin to notice some problems with your brakes. As we said, worn pads or shoes can place stress on the rotor and the rest of the braking system, and as the shoes are designed to break down, these other pieces are not. If you’ve noticed squeaking, grinding, shaking, or bad smells when you use your brakes, you should make an appointment and let us have a look. We will inspect your entire braking system for problems and recommend any repairs you may need.

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At Professional Automotive in Greenwood, SC, we are your brake experts. If you need service for your brakes to avoid problems in the future or the problems have already found you and your brakes, we are here to help. And we are so confident in our services and repairs that we offer a 3-year/36,000 mile nationwide warranty on everything we do. For all things brakes and brake repair, trust the experts at Professional Automotive.

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