Greenwood SC New Tires & Tire Alignment

Tires are the legs of your vehicle. Even if all the complex machinery of your car is working fine, it will do you no good if your tires are badly damaged.

Most people will buy new tires as soon as they recognize a problem with them. They can only hope that this awareness does not happen in the middle of a busy highway, or while crossing an intersection. It is always best to spot problems early.

Here are a few general guidelines for knowing, early, when you need new tires:

  • Make a habit of walking around your car. Watch for low or flat tires.
  • Check the pressure of your tires often.
  • Look for tears, bumps, blisters, or cuts.
  • Check tread and tread depth – especially the sides and the center of each tire. If you see uneven wear on the tread of a tire, be sure to bring it in.

Any of the signs of damage above can lead to a flat tire disaster. Bring your car to Professional Automotive Services, and we will prevent this; we will either fix your tires or replace them. If you need new tires, we will advise you on the best type of tire for your needs.

Types of tires

Not all tires are for everyone. The kind you need is determined not only by the type of car you drive, but by your purpose and the conditions of driving, such as icy streets typical to your area.

Professional Automotive Services offers expert advice on what kinds of tires are right for you.

There are three types of tires: all-season, high-performance, and winter/snow.

  1. All-season tires are the most basic and most affordable. These tires are designed to work well in dry, wet, snowy or slushy driving conditions.
  2. High-Performance tires have stiff sidewalls and high traction – creating an excellent “grip” on the road. These tires are popular with those who want to feel the exciting bumps and jolts of travel. However, they are not the best for comfort or fuel efficiency.
  3. Snow tires on all four wheels give you the best control and mobility during winter conditions. These tires have small grooves in the treads for better handling on icy roads.

If you need new tires, visit Professional Automotive Services immediately, and our ASE Certified Technicians will help you decide on the best tire for your needs. Our excellent warranties are our promise that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Professional Automotive Tire Services

Balance and Rotate Tires

Benefit - All is takes is one bump, hit, or rub against a curb and the weight can be knocked off or moved. Tires are large investment on any automobile. Make sure that investment maintains a smooth ride!

How Often - Once a year minimum.

Tire Alignment

Benefit - Again, 1 pot hole, speed bump to fast, running off the road, and the tire alignment is off! Don’t wait until you see tire wear – then it is too late! Make sure those tire last the mileage rating they are designed for.

How Often - Once a year or every 12,000 miles.

Replacing Shocks and Struts

Benefit - Customer Testimonial on Strut Replacement:
The replacing of the struts on my car has made a world of difference in the way my car rides and handles. Putting over one hundred miles a day on a car, the quality and comfort of the ride means everything.
Thanks again to you and your staff!

How Often - At least every 90k miles, Shocks every 50,000 miles.

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