Monthly Archives: July 2015

Check Engine

Members of the automotive industry are often asked the following question: “Does it matter if I leave my CHECK ENGINE light on? Will it hurt my vehicle?” Perhaps many of you have asked this same question. Or maybe you will be staring into the radiance of a glowing CHECK ENGINE indicator the next time you drive your vehicle. In 1990, Congress passed a bill of legislation (The Clean Air Act), which required auto manufactures to install an On-Board Diagnostic computer (OBD) in every automobile. The engines in today’s vehicles are largely electronically controlled. Sensors and actuators identify the operation of specific components (e.g. the oxygen sensor) and actuate others (e.g. the fuel injectors) to maintain optimal engine control. An on-board computer, known sometimes as a “powertrain control module”(PCM) or an “engine control unit,” controls all of these systems. The CHECK ENGINE or SERVICE ENGINE SOON light will illuminate when the PCM detects a malfunction in one of these ... read more

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