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Preparing to Drive in Wet Weather Conditions

Before you head out, check on the condition of your vehicle and tires. Tires are an underrated safety feature on your vehicle. They should have plenty of tread depth to evacuate standing water from between the road surface and the tire. If your current tires are worn down to anywhere near the wear bars (3/32nds or 4/32nds of an inch), it’s time to think about replacing your tires. Tire pressures that are too low, or too high, can lead to reduced traction, premature tread wear, or tire failure. Your tire pressure should be checked regularly (at least once per month) to be sure they are properly inflated. Outward vision is critical to safe driving. Your vehicle’s wiper blades should also be checked for age and wear. If they leave streaks across your windshield, it’s time to replace them. Of course, it’s just as important to be seen, as it is to see. Turn your lights on and be sure that all of your vehicle’s lights are in working order. Use the full headlight system a ... read more

Time for a Tune-Up?

Professional Automotive Services – Tune-Up in Greenwood SC Tune-up intervals can vary between vehicles. There are some signs that can alert you that it may be time to bring your vehicle in for a tune-up. If your vehicle is stalling often, not starting correctly, or making a louder noise during acceleration, it may be a sign that your vehicle is in need of a tune-up.
The manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s guide can give you the best information on when to have your vehicle serviced for a tune-up. To maintain your vehicle’s quality and value it is best to go by the manufacturer’s recommendations. Professional Automotive Services offers the following services for your vehicle in addition to tune-ups: Power Steering Flush Brake Fluid Flush Transmission Fluid Flush Cooling System Flush Rear Differential Service 4WD Drive Line Service Timing belt Change If you feel your vehi
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