Monthly Archives: October 2016

Vehicle Maintenance

Regular Vehicle Maintenance Tips: Check the Oil –Get in the habit of checking your engine’s oil a few times between oil changes. If you notice that your oil level is often lower than it should be, contact your mechanic before your “check oil” indicator comes on. Just adding oil every time that you notice it is low is not a good idea. This could result in big problems for your engine including: Oil Contamination, worn out engine seals, and even completely locking down your engine. Check the Tires — Check your tires’ pressure every 1,000 miles. Pressure gauges are a pretty cheap investment and easy to use. Good air pressure will help you maintain the best gas mileage for your vehicle. Also have your tires rotated regularly to keep tread wear even on all four tires. Check the Brakes — Your brakes should be checked any time that your vehicle is serviced. Look for problem signs like squ ... read more

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