Does it matter if I leave my CHECK ENGINE light on?

“Does it matter if I leave my CHECK ENGINE light on? Will it hurt my vehicle? Am I getting the gas mileage that I am suppose to?” Perhaps many of you have asked this same question. Or maybe you will be staring into the radiance of a glowing CHECK ENGINE indicator the next time you drive your vehicle.

YES, it will hurt your automobile to ignore your SERVICE ENGINE SOON indicator. You may not immediately notice the affects of the particular code your computer is reading, but 3 months down the road you could! I always advise customers to save their own time and money, and have your CHECK ENGINE light analyzed by a specialist as soon as possible. Don’t let a small, inexpensive repair cost you dearly in the long run.

The price of gas is something that unfortunately we cannot control, however we can control the consumption of gasoline. According to AAA 8 out of 10 cars needs some form of maintenance. How do you know if your automobile is getting the gas mileage it was manufactured for? Professional Automotive is the Only Shop in Greenwood that can perform a Gas Mileage Examination on any automobile 96 and newer. We will show you your computer’s efficient or inefficient use of fuel and provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision on your fuel consumption.

Bring you vehicle by Professional Automotive during the Month of July, and we will perform a Check Engine Light Analysis, and Gas Mileage Examination for FREE on all vehicles manufactured on or after 1996.

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