I recently had a customer ask “My air conditioning is not cold enough at idle sitting at a stop sign, but gets colder when I get on the freeway. Is this a sign that my compressor is weak?”

Like your body, the air conditioning compressor is at the heart of the AC system, and Freon is the blood. The compressor pumps Freon throughout the AC system. This Freon is a gas and liquid combination that is compressed and circulated throughout the air conditioning system. The compressed Freon is pushed through the system under extreme pressure to the expansion valve that causes the gas to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction makes the Freon gas very cold.

Now if your air conditioning is not cold at idle, but is cold going down the road then this is a early indication that you are experiencing a lose in Freon or a component failure. Depending upon the size of the leak or the failure of the part, before you have no cold air at all. At the first indication of failure that the air conditioning system gives you, we recommend to bring your vehicle at Professional Automotive for further analysis. Call for further details.

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