Preventive Maintenance Protection

To limit your risk of suddenly needing repairs you cannot afford, purchasing Preventive Maintenance Protection (PM) is not a bad idea.

When you pay for PM service, you limit the risk that it will take more money to repair your vehicle when – not if – it needs repair. You pay dollars in advance, expecting that you will have to spend more later than what you are paying for PM.

It is a bit like buying insurance protection. With it, you spend your money with the anticipation that you will need coverage; however, the insurance company collects your dollars in the hope that you will NOT need coverage, so that it will have free money.

PM is different from insurance, in that we are not betting, or hoping, that your car will not need repairs. We do go out of our way to keep your car in top condition, so that a breakdown will be less likely to happen.

We do our best because we want loyal repeat customers – and loyal, satisfied customers recommend their personal repair shop to their friends. We want our customers to tell about how their well maintained vehicles break down less frequently, and how they get to pay fewer dollars.

Happy customers are the source of our success – and we want to keep it that way.

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