Take Care of Your Battery

Car batteries require special care. In the summertime, the heat can be damaging to your car battery. Here are some tips to squeeze as much life out of your battery as possible.

  • Add Distilled Water:

Make sure the level in each cell is full. Use only distilled water to fill the cells that are low. This may need to be checked more frequently in the summer time as it can evaporate quickly in warmer weather.

  • Keep Your Battery Clean:

Clean any dirt, grease, or corrosion off of the battery posts. You may need to remove the clamps to clean thoroughly. A dirty connection will weaken the charge.

  • Secure the Battery:

Make sure your battery is secured and sitting correctly. If your battery is moving around, it could be loosening your connections and spilling battery acid.

  • Park in Shelter:

In the south, we see temperatures in the 90’s during the summer. Extreme heat from Mother Nature and the heat generated under your hood accelerate corrosion of your battery. If you have the option, park your vehicle in a garage. This will keep your battery a little cooler in the summer.

If you are unsure about the condition of your vehicles battery or know that it is time for a battery replacement, visit Professional Automotive Services today.

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