Tune Up

I have recently had a few customers ask, “It has been several years since my last tune up. Is it time for another one?”

In years past, most vehicles needed a “tune up” every 12,000 miles. This included spark plugs, points and condenser, air and fuel filters, and much more. With the introduction of electronic ignitions, that interval was stretched to 30,000 miles, and points and condensers were not needed. With platinum plugs, many cars may be able to experience peak performance for up to 60,000 miles before needing a tune up.

I recommend that my customers replace their spark plugs every 30,000-60,000 miles, depending on the type of spark plug selected. Our Service Advisors can recommend the best plug for your individual vehicle. Failing to replace your plugs at regular intervals can cause stress on other, much more expensive ignition components. For example, if the spark plug gap is worn, it makes the ignition coil work much harder, which can cause spark to burn through spark plug wires, back through ignition coils, and even into ignition modules and engine control computers. If one of these components goes bad, the engine will cut off and leave you stranded!

But these problems are, for the most part, easy to avoid. Proper preventive maintenance is accessible and affordable at Professional Automotive. When a tune up is requested or recommended, our technicians will inspect the ignition system and all components to individualize your vehicle’s needs. The best way to find out if your engine needs a “tune up” will be to come by Professional Automotive today for a FREE Ignition and Tune Up Inspection. Call for your appointment!

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